Providing a Value Chain Solution for the Commercial Nuclear Industry

Our proven strategy of successfully providing the nuclear power industry with quality components and raw materials, along with turnkey solutions, is designed to meet that industry's strict standards for superior service and compliance. Our team at Carolina Fabrications, Inc. is dedicated to providing the nuclear industry with a solution to all of their value chain needs. Our portfolio of nuclear products ranges from control valve cages, flow meter bodies and secondary water system intakes to suction adapters. By leveraging our performance enhancing strategies, Carolina Fabricators, Inc offers the commercial nuclear industry a solution to all of their nuclear application and product needs.

nuclear power plant

Typical Nuclear Products and Applications

  • Nuclear Certified Applications
  • Turbine Island Components
  • Nuclear Island Components
  • High Pressure Glands
  • Control Valve Cages
  • ASME Tanks and Pressure Vessels
  • Scaffolding and Catwalks
  • Lift Rig Assemblies

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